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The Largest Flameless Candles Supplier and Manufacturer in China for Wholesaler, Distributor, Traders


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LED Light, Flameless Candle Manufacturer & Supplier - LightStart

Established in 2002, LightStart has been manufacturing and exporting supplies of flameless candles (LED candles) and diversing types of LED light products for over 15 years. Every year, LightStart’s flameless candles and LED products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.

Devoted and Professional

The Company concentrates on manufacturing and supplying flameless candle, LED light related products for over 10 years. The sound experience that LightStart has accumulated guarantees the higher quality, abundant types and versatility.

Experienced in Flameless Candle

LightStart has been engaged in international trading and served clients from various countries since 2002. 15 years of international trading experience on flameless candle and LED light makes the company confident of its punctual delivery and sensitivity to customers’ demands on LED light products.

OEM Service & Small Orders

LightStart offers professional flameless candle and LED light OEM/ODM services. From colors to designs, LED lights can be manufactured specifically according to clients’ requirements. Besides, small orders as small as hundreds of pieces are accepted for startup LED business.

Competitive Prices

LightStart integrated beneficial resources of Chinese factories so that the company could offer more attractive prices than competitors while guaranteeing higher quality.

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